I'll start by explaining StilettoPeel. The name came about when SP's co-founder Karen was hangin with a few other crazy creative types brainstorming names for future businesses. When we co-founded our little freelance business some time in that future, Karen suggested that name and the rest, as they say, is history. But what is StilettoPeel? Well, these days SP is just the name for this website, I mean it’s just too fun to go away (for now). But the core idea from those days still remains, user centered design. Websites, apps, marketing materials and pretty much anything you use to get people to think differently and interact in a new way.

While karen and I still do the occasional project together we both became immersed in agency life, and busy with day jobs (sigh). SP took a back seat. But in late 2017 planets aligned and opportunities arose and there was no denying the call of freelance.

The full-time freelance life and I met again and we're in love and making a go, so if you have contract or project needs that a seasoned creative director and designer would be a match for, let's chat, it could be beautiful.

But sometimes digital needs a team or clients have needs bigger than one creative can do? No worries, years in the agency circle has borne an amazing amount of talented partners who bring just about anything needed to the table. Copy writers, user experience, content and digital strategy, seo, project management, and developers, just to name a few. Let's chat, we could be the team you’re looking for.

Kirsten Greskiewicz

I'm a hands on freelance creative director and designer with 20+ years experience designing for web and print in various markets including health and wellness, education, finance, and a bit of everything in between. While I started my career as a traditional graphic designer, it was digital that I fell in love with many years ago. Combining that aesthetic graphic design thinking with ux and digital best practices to provide solutions that are beautiful and functional.

As a creative director for a large interactive marketing agency, I spent my days trying to make the internet a better experience for all. When not designing digital experiences I can be found lending my design skills to a cause that is near and dear to my heart – animal advocacy and animal rescue groups. From tshirt designs to posters and flyers, if it's for the animals (even if it’s print design), I'm in.


I've had the opportunity to work across a broad range of clients during my career including: Sanofi Pasteur, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, UCB, Abbott, University of Delaware, Otsuka, AARP, Pfizer, Pew Charitable Trusts, Aetna, Astra Zeneca, UPMC (University of Pittsburg Medical Center), Syracuse University, Campbell's Soup, Express Scripts, Novartis, Quintiles, Nextel, Capital One, Network Solutions and British Telecom.

My design work can not be shown publicly due to agency and client restrictions, so contact me, and I'll get you a shiny, super "secret password" to view more.

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